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Through a smart customs clearance system and efficient delivery, LEVE simplified what was once complicated for e-commerces selling in Brazil. We deliver packages from China and the USA in Brazil and ensure every international purchase experience is easy, effortless, and light.
Less product loss and fewer refunds

Our system is the only one to include the pre-arrival declaration of packages, a measure necessary to speed up the customs clearance process in Brazil. Packages do not stop at the Brazilian postal dispatch, allowing a more streamlined process which results in less product loss and fewer refunds.

Smart custom clearance process

LEVE sends Brazilian customs authorities an electronic declaration of the content of packages, prior to their arrival in Brazil. This transparency in the clearance process leads to fewer packages valued under USD 100 being held at Customs, in contrast with other shipping companies, in which all products are mandatorily taxed.

Faster Delivery

With LEVE, after passing through the Customs process, packages leave for their final destination in less than 48 hours and normally find their final destination in up 12 days.

Fully traceable packages

Location of packages can be tracked during every step of the delivery journey, in contrast with other shipping companies that only offer tracking at certain points. With LEVE, sellers are able to notify their customers about each status update.

Retry process

With LEVE, deliveries are guaranteed. If ever a shipment returns, we treat non-conformities (lack of information, wrong/different address) and a second delivery attempt is made.

No language barriers

LEVE offers 24/7 customer support, in Portuguese/English, to solve any possible issues or doubts Brazilian customers may have along the way.

How your packages travel with LEVE

This is the path that your packages travel from China/USA to Brazil. In this process, sellers have access to more than 30 tracking points and can choose which of these to share with their customers.

Packages arrive from seller in LEVE distribution center in China/USA

Labeling in compliance with Customs and last-mile partner

Packages are shipped to Brazil according to delivery volume (consolidated service)

Electronic files describing packages are sent to Customs prior to arrival, reducing the chance of packages being held

In Brazil, packages are sent to last-mile partner's distribution center, without stopping at Postal Dispatch

Packages are delivered at the customer's destination

Total delivery time (avg.):
18 days

* Check out the Prohibited Products list that will not be transported by LEVE

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